Indonesian Diplomats complete 4-day Cyber Diplomacy Training
21 Jun 2021 - 12:26
Source: Clingendael

Increased digital connectivity leads to new opportunities and challenges for diplomats around the world. How can diplomats effectively navigate in cyberspace? How should new challenges in cyberspace be addressed? And what is the role of diplomats when their nation faces emerging cyber threats? During the Clingendael Cyber Training, we touched upon these issues with Indonesian diplomats.

In four intensive training days, the Clingendael academy digitally trained 26 Indonesian diplomats stationed around the world. Together, we explored the cyber risk landscape and unraveled how cyberspace and international relations interact. Moreover, the trainers equipped Indonesian diplomats with the necessary tools to respond to cyberattacks by using the unique Clingendael Cyber Toolbox. Through this training participants discovered the challenges of attributing cyberattacks at state-level and how these challenges affect diplomacy. Diplomats are crucially important in addressing these topics, for instance by building strong and accountable global cyber norms.

We look back on four very successful and engaging days. We celebrate the fruitful and effective discussions on how to move forward in fields such as global cyber governance and national cyber security. This training was offered in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and the Centre of Education and Training (CET) of Indonesia.