Online training on the Rule of Law for diplomats from Myanmar
23 Jul 2020 - 08:59
Source: Clingendael

Recently, the Clingendael Academy had the opportunity to host a group of eight diplomats from Myanmar for the fifth edition of the training programme centering on the rule of law and democratisation.  This year, the two-week programme was conducted online.

The transition process that Myanmar has been undergoing can be characterized by a high degree of complexity and dynamism. With a vision to consolidate the achievements made so far, and to tackle the challenges that remain ahead, the participants together with international experts discussed an array of thematic issues such as:

What is the position of the military for the future? How can civil society and municipalities be included in the democratization process? What is the role of international and regional organizations, and what legal framework can they provide?

Throughout the two weeks, the participants who work in various departments of the Foreign Ministry, were not only able to enhance their knowledge on these matters and explore the role that diplomats can play herein, but also sharpened their professional and personal skills through stakeholder analysis and international negotiation trainings.

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