Peace negotiation workshop for Somali parties
30 Nov 2017 - 11:00
Source: Somalia Stability Fund

Clingendael Academy facilitated a workshop in Djibouti in support of the negotiation process between the Galmudug Federal Member State Administration, and Ahlul Sunna Wal Jama, a moderate Sufi opposition group. The workshop was conducted by Clingendael and the Somalia Stability Fund under the auspices of the Federal Government of Somalia and IGAD through its Special Mission to Somalia.

The government of Galmudug and Ahlul Sunna Wal Jamaa have been in conflict with one another since the establishment of the Galmudug state in 2013. Ahlul Sunna has been controlling key areas of the state. At times this conflict has led to violent clashes and it has held back the development of Galmudug.

Closing ceremony of the trainingThe parties have been on and off in negotiations with one another. The Galmudug Administration and Ahlul Sunna Wal Jamaa have expressed serious determination to revitalize their peace talks and reach a comprehensive settlement. It paved the way for this workshop, which uniquely brought delegates of both sides together in one training. The workshop focused on tools of negotiation and problem solving, intended to support the parties in bringing the current talks to a successful closure.

The workshop was attended by the delegates from Galmudug Administration led by President Ahmed Duale Gelle and Ahlul Sunna Wal Jamaa led by Sheikh Mohamed Ali Hassan (Shakir). The Federal Government of Somalia was represented by Hon. Abdullahi Farah Wehliye, State Minister for Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation.

See here the press release about the workshop.

First results

Three days after the completion of the workshop, the parties signed a power sharing deal. Galmudug State will now become the first state to have a Prime Minister to allow the Sufi movement Ahlul Sunna Wa Jamaa become part of its administration. Ahlul Sunna will also take a number of ministerial portfolios and Members of Parliament.