Pre-Deployment Training for Civilian Experts and Police Officers
30 Sep 2022 - 12:19

How can civilian experts and police officers be effective within international crisis management missions? This question was central to the Clingendael Academy’s Pre-Deployment Training, which we organized last month. During the 5-day training, we trained members from the Dutch civilian mission expert pool and members of the European Police and Civilian Services Training (EUPCST). Although these civilian experts and police officers are expected to have different roles within crisis management missions, they shared the common goal of enhancing their knowledge and skills which prepare them for deployment in a conflict-affected area.

In order to achieve this, our training equipped the participants with both in-depth thematic workshops and with intensive skills training. Thematically, this training paid attention to topics such as the changing nature of peacekeeping and the importance of gender within international missions.

As this training was organized in close cooperation with the EUPCST, we specifically looked at the role of the police within international missions. For instance, we took a deep dive into the structure, the practice, and the evaluation of the Dutch integrated police mission in Kunduz. The training also looked to the future by analysing emerging trends, such as hybrid conflicts, and how to work with NGOs. All in all, the Clingendael Academy looks back on a productive and cohesive training!