Prospective Agricultural Attachés Trained at Clingendael
11 May 2023 - 14:22
Source: Unsplash

In April, the fourth orientation training for prospective Dutch Agricultural Attachés was held at the Clingendael Institute. Over 5 days, the participants became acquainted with the many facets of the work of an LNV attaché at a post, both content wise and at the personal skills level.

The diversity of this job was reflected in the variety of experts who contributed to the programme. These included Agricultural Counselors, companies, NGO’s and other ministries. Topics discussed included, amongst others, the LNV international strategy, biodiversity and climate, the EU deforestation regulation, water diplomacy, and food security. The participants furthermore challenged themselves in interactive skills sessions on intercultural communications, network mapping, and leadership. As final assignment, the participants turned into CEOs from several Dutch companies abroad and gave elevator pitches in front of a panel of experienced Agricultural Counselors. They then switched roles and stepped into the shoes of an LNV attaché to complete the experience.

Judged by their performance, the future international representation of the Ministry of LNV will be in good hands.