Syrian peace talks Geneva
08 Mar 2016 - 09:51
Source: UN Geneva: Press conference Staffan de Mistura / Flickr

Clingendael trains several groups involved in the current Geneva peace talks. Wilbur Perlot, deputy director of Clingendael Academy, shares his views on the current round of Syrian peace talks taking place in Geneva on the 9th of March, 2016.
What exactly is the status of the peace negotiations? How is it that the negotiations can now be continued? What must the done by the parties involved to reach the many goals that are still on the agenda? And what can be expected in the short term? 

You can also read the Clingendael overview on the Syrian peace talks.

Examples of past training programmes

At Clingendael Academy, we see negotiation training support as part of a broad, international conflict-resolution toolkit. Accordingly, and with the support of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have taken the initiative to provide 'Negotiation as a Conflict Resolution Instrument' for representatives of groups in conflict and mediators of conflict.

Training programmes within this framework include:

ECOWAS and African Union mediators (December 2015)
Technical Gender Committee Cyprus (October 2015)
African Women Mediators (October 2015)
- Syrian National Opposition Coalition (November 2013)

Interested in partnering with us?

Clingendael Academy works together with a wide range of international organisations and partner institutions, in order to identify groups in conflict that are in need of conflict-resolution training. If you are interested in discussing possibilities to cooperate, please contact Ron Ton or Wilbur Perlot.