Training diplomats from Armenia, Georgia and Moldova concluded
09 Nov 2021 - 11:02
Source: Clingendael

Recently, eight junior diplomats from Armenia, Georgia, and Moldova successfully concluded a two-week diplomatic training. In these two weeks, the diplomats received training on a wide range of topics and skills. Some of the topics were, amongst others, the institutional workings of the European Union and cybersecurity. Essential diplomatic skills such as negotiating, lobbying, and debating were also addressed throughout the training. With these tools at hand, participants for instance engaged in developing and formulate a strategic “EU lobby plan” in which they had to identify the most relevant EU institutional bodies and contact persons to promote their cause.  

Throughout the course, representatives from different countries and institutions also shared their perspectives on today’s global challenges. For example, the diplomats discussed current policy issues such as the relation between human rights and climate change, with representatives of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The participants also exchanged views and discussed the Eastern Partnership, a joint initiative between the EU and several of its Eastern European partner countries, with a representative of the European Commission.

We hope that this experience will serve as an inspiration for the participants, and we wish them all the best in their careers.