Transatlantic Turbulence? - Closed webinar
03 Nov 2022 - 12:01
Source: U.S. Secretary of Defense - Flickr

Transatlantic Turbulence? US Midterms and the Future of Biden’s Foreign Policy

Tuesday, November 1 2022

The Clingendael Institute was delighted to host an online panel discussion on the 2022 Midterm elections in the United States and the future of President Biden’s foreign policy.

The results of the midterm elections will determine the future of American foreign policy. Europe hopes for the continuation of the Biden administration’s Transatlanticism, but this will depend on his ability to pass his policies through Congress. Will the Democrats manage to maintain their majority in the House and the Senate? What will the results mean for the Transatlantic relationship? And how do both sides of the Atlantic view the relationship?

We discussed these questions with the following panel:

  • Bruce Stokes, Executive Director Transatlantic Task Force, German Marshall Fund
  • Dina Smeltz, Senior Fellow, Chicago Council on Global Affairs
  • Christopher Houtkamp, Research Fellow, Clingendael Institute 
  • Yvette van Eechoud, Director Western Hemisphere, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The discussion was moderated by Rem Korteweg, Senior Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute, and took place under the Chatham House Rule.

Closed webinar: Transatlantic Turbulence?