Conflict and Fragility

Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law-Annual Conference 2019
10 Oct 2019 09:00 - 18:00

The Annual Conference 2019 is organized by the Secretariat of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law. Fransje Molenaar and Jos Meester from the Clingendael Institute’s Conflict Research Unit will speak at the conference. For the programme, timetable and registration, see also their website

Bridging the Gap: Rhetoric and practice in security and the rule of law

The Annual Conference is a one-day event that brings our vibrant community of practitioners, researchers, and policymakers together for a thought-provoking discussion. As in previous years, the Annual Conference brings together representatives from national and international governments and policy organs, think-thanks, journalists, INGO practitioners, activists, diplomats, and field researchers from around the globe. These diverse actors assemble with a singular aim: to present their latest projects and freshest ideas, and engage their peers to learn and improve security and justice policy and programs.

This year, the Secretariat has chosen to investigate a number of gaps – as well as how we can work together to bridge them - under the theme ‘Bridging the Gap: Rhetoric and practice in security and the rule of law’. We hope this theme will challenge participants to interrogate the way the security and rule of law field is organized and framed, to contribute to the generation of new ideas, reward taking risks and successful innovation, and to forge promising and equal relationships to enable progress towards sustaining peace and strengthening the rule of law.

Speakers from the Clingendael Institute’s, Conflict Research Unit

Jos Meester (Research Fellow Clingendael) 

10:45 - 11:45: Economic development & stable inclusive governance: Somalia & beyond

Jos Meester (Research Fellow Clingendael) will speak together with Fia van der Klugt (MFA). How can we focus on economic development in fragile and conflict affected situations in a way that contributes to more stable inclusive societies? In other words: how can we link SDG8 with SDG16? We'll take Somalia as example and will share good and bad practices for mutual learning.

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