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Forging an EU-India-Japan Trilateral in Africa

03 Apr 2020 - 13:50
Development Cooperation Partnerships: Forging an EU-India-Japan Trilateral in Africa

In this paper, Clingendael’s Maaike Okano-Heijmans and Jagannath Panda (IDSA, Delhi) argue that trilateral cooperation with India and Japan may contribute to the EU’s set objective of recalibrating relations with Africa. After all, India and Japan are strong regional powers in Asia that share liberal democratic values with the EU. Moreover, the three have demonstrated complementarities - in terms of historical ties, presence, competitive edge and funds - that can be leveraged towards more effective use of limited capabilities. Here, the EU can benefit from concrete steps that India and Japan have already taken in this direction.

This paper was written in the framework of the EU-India Think Tanks Twinning Initiative 2018-2019 - a public diplomacy project aimed at connecting research institutions in Europe and India funded by the EU.

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