Training for high-level Indonesian diplomats returns online
28 Jul 2020 - 09:39
Bron: Clingendael

Last Thursday, nine senior diplomats from Indonesia concluded a three-week training programme on ‘Strategic Prospects and Opportunities for Indonesian Foreign Policy Making’. During this intensive online programme, the diplomats further strengthened their skills and knowledge relevant to the work of high-level diplomats.

Clingendael and Indonesia have a special relationship in diplomatic training, as over 900 junior, medior and senior diplomats from Indonesia have received training from the Clingendael Academy since 2004. This online version was unique because for the first time the diplomats were located in different embassies and time zones, from Ottawa to Tunis to Shanghai. The engaging mix of skills and knowledge training and the commitment of all involved nevertheless made the course a great success.

Mr Mooibroek delivering a training on Media
Dutch journalist Edwin Mooibroek providing a Media Training

Participants engaged in interactive training sessions on high-level communication skills such as crisis communication, mediation and international negotiation. They also explored issues as varied as maritime security, world health and economic diplomacy, and considered longer-term trends and developments, key uncertainties and strategies for Indonesian foreign policy making for the next ten years.