First Cyber Diplomacy training with Georgia
12 Apr 2021 - 11:02
Bron: Unsplash

Increasing digital connectivity comes with new diplomatic challenges. But what is accepted in cybersphere and what is not? How do states pursue strategic objectives through cybersphere?  What are the initiatives to settle on cyber norms?

In the Clingendael Cyber Course we cover these topics, as we did recently with 15 Georgian diplomats in four intensive days of training. The training was held across continents and time-zones, as the participants were located from Tbilisi to Australia and The United States. In the training, participants analysed international cyber incidents through the unique Clingendael cyber toolbox. Moreover, they explored and discussed the challenge of attribution and decided on appropriate state-level responses.

At the end of the training, fruitful discussions were held on the developments on responsible norms in cyberspace, confidence building measures and capacity-building in cyber governance.

For more information on our Cyber trainings, please contact Bart van den Berg and Dorien van Dam.