Aid Workers Complete Humanitarian Diplomacy Training
06 Sep 2021 - 14:35
Bron: Clingendael

As an aid worker, what do you need to know about diplomacy? Aid workers are often required to cooperate with diplomats to implement humanitarian assistance and effectively protect the humanitarian space. However, the idea of humanitarian diplomacy is a relatively recent one. When and how can you best approach a diplomat? How can you honor the humanitarian principles when engaging with political actors? Many aid workers need to navigate questions like these without much prior insight into the diplomatic world and its practices.

Therefore, Clingendael Academy made use of its unique position as a training institute for both, aid workers and diplomats to launch the first edition of “Humanitarian Diplomacy for Aid Workers”. This course is especially designed for aid workers from NGOs, who are in direct contact with diplomats in their daily work.

From the 23rd until the 27th of August 16 aid workers from all over the world, representing both international and local NGOs, came together to exchange, expand and sharpen their knowledge on Humanitarian Diplomacy.

During the training the participants had the opportunity to interact with numerous diplomats about their work and how the collaboration between humanitarians and diplomats can be strengthened. Moreover, different approaches to humanitarian diplomacy were introduced and discussed. The training was rounded off by defining future steps that can make the humanitarian sector more effective in its diplomatic endeavors.