Training for aid workers from IOM Afghanistan
21 Sep 2021 - 10:08

Clingendael Academy has provided a digital Negotiation Skills Training for staff of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Afghanistan. They joined us from various locations in the country for what they described as ‘a very timely training’ in negotiation skills.

The dangerous situation in Afghanistan means humanitarian workers there face tough negotiations on a daily basis to ensure aid and assistance reaches the most vulnerable people. Not only is the environment in which they operate at times very unsafe; it is also constantly changing. Aid workers have to be flexible and well-aware of the local developments when implementing their activities. This is also the experience of the 20 participants from IOM.

We were impressed by their commitment to their job, and to the training! Despite their high work load and (occasionally) faltering internet they were active and enthusiastic participants who also gave us new insights into how the current developments in Afghanistan affect aid workers there today.

We will be providing similar negotiation skills trainings to various groups in the coming months. You can find more information at the humanitarian negotiation page.