Defence Capacity Building for North Macedonia's MOD
17 Dec 2021 - 11:19
Bron: Clingendael

In the fall of 2021, the Clingendael Academy provided online courses to two groups of trainers, lecturers and curriculum developers from the North Macedonia's Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces.  

Participants from a wide variety of training centres built their didactic competences and classroom communication skills, as well as capacity to develop effective curricula for a wide variety of army and MOD professionals. Participating experts ranged from basic training to specialists, and from the tactical up to the strategic level. These included Cadet Training, the English Language Training Centre, Gender Training, the Summer Course on Peacekeeping Operations, the Water Training Academy, Doctrine Training, and various experts on Military Psychology.

The workshops took place within the context of the multi-year defence capacity building trajectory the Clingendael Academy launched early in 2021 with both the JKTC and the Public Affairs Regional Centre (PARC), with the support of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs; an example of Clingendael Academy's support to long-term institutional development in the defence and security sectors.

In the coming years the Clingendael Academy will continue to support JKTC and PARC to facilitate the further didactic development of educational professionals working in North-Macedonia's Defence. For 2022-2023, specific support will be given to the further development of a Defence Diplomacy training course, as well as building long-term expertise as a training centre on Stabilisation and Reconstruction.