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European defence and the war in Ukraine

03 Mar 2022 - 10:09
Bron: Michele Ursi / Shutterstock
Actions speak louder than words

Europe is on fire and the European security architecture as we know it today is in danger. The cause: the Russian leader in the Kremlin has invaded Ukraine, bringing war back to the European continent, a real game changer that significantly disrupts the international rules-based order. Hence, now is the time for Europe to show that it is ready to take on more responsibility, both within the EU as well as with respect to the European share within NATO. This will help Europe to better safeguard its own security interests and to bear a greater share of the transatlantic burden – something that has been longed for on both sides of the Atlantic.

The war in Ukraine shows that Europe simply cannot choose to be reticent. Its immediate backyard is on fire and if it does not step up its game now, there is a risk that this fire will spread from the backyard to the main house, i.e. EU and European NATO member states. Hence, European security and the European way of life, including important norms and values, are at stake here. This should not be taken lightly.

Therefore, Europe should seize this momentum to become the valuable actor in security and defence that it desires to be.

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