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Dick Zandee is Head of the Security & Defence Programme and Senior Research Fellow of the Research department of the Clingendael Institute. His research focuses on security and defence issues, including strategies, policies, military operations, capability development, research and technology, armaments cooperation and industrial aspects. Recent subjects are: defence specialisation, the future of NATO, EU-NATO relations, the EU Strategic Compass, European strategic autonomy the Joint Expeditionary Force and ramping-up defence-industrial production.

Zandee is also a frequent commentator in the media, especially since the Russian invasion into Ukraine. Prior to joining Clingendael, he was Head of the Planning & Policy Unit of the European Defence Agency. Following his graduation from Leiden University with a master’s degree in modern history, he has had a lengthy and distinguished career with political-military positions in the Netherlands and internationally at NATO and the EU.

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Security and Defence

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Security and Defence

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Security and Defence

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