Negotiation and Mediation training for Benue Traditional Rulers
16 Jun 2022 - 10:05
Bron: Clingendael

Recently, Clingendael celebrated a milestone in its engagement in Nigeria. Together with our long-standing partner, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, Clingendael facilitated a three-day programme on meditation and negotiation skills for traditional rulers from Benue state. The training was conducted in light and in follow-up of the Natural Resource Peace Agreement in the Agatu Local Government Area and is part of a major conflict resolution process started by HD in Benue state in 2017.

During the training, the 15 traditional rulers gained new instruments that can be used to better resolve conflicts at different governance levels. Driven by a clearly expressed need for capacity building by the paramount rulers themselves, the training consisted of tailor-made simulations and exercises that strengthened the participants skills in negotiation, mediation, stakeholder analysis, and constituency management amongst others.

The training concluded with a signing of a communique, in which the rulers showed their commitment beyond their role as multiplicators, by agreeing to set up an all-inclusive traditional council negotiation and mediation support structure. Considering the important role traditional rulers have for maintaining peace, this committee will help to institutionalize conflict resolution mechanisms and ground them in local and traditional contexts.

Clingendael is also honoured and proud to have the continuous support of the Nigerian Television Authority, which helps to inform the general public of such kind of innovative and successful examples of dealing with natural resource conflicts in Nigeria.

Negotiation and Mediation Training for Benue Traditional Rulers


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