Clingendael talents made the cut for '35 under 35'
30 Nov 2022 - 16:01
Bron: Jason Magazine special edition '35 under 35'

Young talented Clingendael researchers Maha Yassin, Adája Stoetman, Niels Drost & Xiaoxue Martin are featured in the JASON Institute magazine as this generation's voice on peace and security issues.

In a special edition of the JASON magazine, an expert panel recognised 35 young professionals who have done remarkable work in the field of peace and security and are under the age of 35. The magazine's editors have interviewed each young professional about their motivation and research.

Maha Yassin manages the outreach of Clingendael's Planetary Security Initiative: “Climate change affects all parties equally there, so why do we not use this as an opportunity for collective action?”

Adája Stoetman is a research fellow at the Security Unit: “Rising geopolitical tensions in new theatres (e.g. the Arctic), instability surrounding the European continent […] are just a few examples of threats Europe still needs to be wary about.”

Niels Drost is a junior researcher at Clingendael's Russia & Eastern Europe Centre and the EU & Global Affairs Unit: “There are also plenty of other security threats that Russia faces, such as climate change and more specifically the potential melting of permafrost.”

Xiaoxue Martin is researcher at our China Centre. “China is an important global player, yet our knowledge of it is often lacking, which leads to dangerous misperceptions.”

We are very proud the work of our young colleagues is recognised and congratulate all the young professionals featured in JASON Magazine '35 under 35'.