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Plugging Green Power into the EU-ASEAN Partnership

20 Feb 2023 - 11:00
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The future is green but the transition requires a transformation of energy systems. Grid optimisation is a crucial element of energy transition, as it facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources into the power system and helps avoid grid instability and blackouts. The EU and ASEAN share a commitment to accelerating the roll-out and efficient use of renewable energy sources. Smart technologies and power grid connectivity are two promising ways to achieve this objective. This policy brief assesses the strategic value of greater cooperation on green and smart energy systems. It argues that the EU and ASEAN could accelerate the integration of renewable energy into power systems by facilitating private and public investments in the modernisation and expansion of electricity grids, for instance with targeted Team Europe Initiatives. ASEAN and the EU need to couple investments in renewable energy with power grid optimisation, while engaging stakeholders from the energy and digital technology sectors in the process and avoiding creating new cyber security risks.

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Rewatch our online event 'Twin transition Green & Digital in EU-ASEAN partnership'

The authors of the report and representatives from the EU and ASEAN came together to talk about green transition during an online event. This high-level online public event was co-organised with the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace (CICP)

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