Diplomats from South Eastern Europe trained at Clingendael
09 May 2023 - 12:26
Bron: Diplomats from South Europa / Clingendael

Last month 14 diplomats from South-Eastern Europe participated in a four-week Clingendael Academy training programme. This 18th edition of this programme provided knowledge and skills needed for the work of a diplomat and focused largely on EU accession. The participants visited the EU institutions in Brussels and had various sessions on the EU accession criteria, fundamentals in EU decision making and effectively influencing the EU.

Participants engage in discussions at the European Commission.

To operate more effectively in an international diplomatic environment, we offered skills training on negotiating and intercultural communication & other sessions on new forms in diplomacy, including, economic and cyber diplomacy. The participants also completed a challenging assignment on strategic cooperation on the Regional Cooperation Council and the EU to apply their knowledge gained during the training programme.

The group built networks in the Netherlands by visiting various institutions in the Hague such as the Dutch Parliament, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the International Court of Justice. The participants were all highly engaged, and we look back on a successful completion of this diplomatic training programme.