Inter-Religious Council Ethiopia talks strategy for mediation
28 Jun 2023 - 14:46

The Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia (IRCE) recently followed a two-day Capacity Strengthening & Group Effectiveness Workshop in Addis Ababa. The workshop, organized in collaboration with the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, aimed to enhance IRCE's mediation and dialogue skills.  

The IRCE plays an active role at federal, regional, and district levels. With a mission to foster religious freedom, equality, and peace, the IRCE is well-positioned to play a significant part in conflict resolution through mediation and dialogue across Ethiopia.  

The training equipped participants with tools for effective dialogue preparation, mediation, and strategic planning. It also addressed leadership, change management, and communication strategies specific to IRCE's mediation mandate. Through interactive sessions, simulations and group discussions, participants developed skills in SWOT and stakeholder analyses, active listening, and communication.  

The workshop's outcomes will empower IRCE to engage in conflict resolution through mediation and dialogue, furthering its mission to promote peace and tolerance in Ethiopia. 

Mediation and dialogue training