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Dutch niches for Global Gateway in the digital domain

23 Oct 2023 - 12:00
Bron: High tech lights are used to stimulate the growth of tomatoes in a greenhouse in Someren, near Eindhoven, the Netherlands, May 28, 2015. Reuters.
An initial enquiry

As a digital frontrunner, the Netherlands boasts strengths through which it can assist developing countries that wish to reap the benefits of the digital transition. Doing so will contribute to the EU’s Global Gateway agenda in the digital domain that is now being rolled out. Achieving this potential requires greater understanding of Dutch digital strengths, which is now still lacking.

This Policy Brief shows that the Netherlands has a strong track record in AgriTech, FinTech, Cybersecurity and Data Centres. Investments in these areas will complement the EU’s Global Gateway focus on large-scale, digital infrastructure projects. They will also contribute to the competitiveness of European companies and the spread of liberal norms such as openness, transparency and privacy in the digital domain. 


This Policy Brief is the first of Clingendael mini-series on Digital Global Gateway. A second Policy Brief assesses the needs of three countries: Egypt, Kenya and Vietnam. Finally, a third Policy Brief brings the first two together in a ‘match-making analysis’ of Dutch strengths and local needs. 

Taken together, the mini-series offers actionable steps for the Dutch government to contribute to the EU’s Global Gateway in the digital domain. EU-wide coordination and cooperation will be facilitated if other EU member states make similar knowledge available, with the aim to boost Digital Global Gateway action. 

Download policy brief.