Trade and Globalisation


Podcasts: Global Trade Series 2023

20 Dec 2023 - 13:20
Bron: Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

The AIG Global Trade Series 2023 is a series of podcasts analysing the complex interplay of factors shaping the global trade system. The series is brought to you by AIG in partnership with some of the world’s leading centers of expertise on global trade. To hear leading international experts discussing a wide range of the most important trade related issues, listen to the episodes on the AIG website or wherever you get your podcasts.

The conversations on this podcast are moderated by Rem Korteweg.


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Where does globalisation go from here?

Changing dynamics of the global trade landscape


  • Cecilia Malmström, former European Commissioner for Trade; Nonresident Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics
  • Jeongmin Seong, Partner, McKinsey Global Institute (MGI)
  • Deborah Elms, Founder and Executive Director, Asian Trade Centre


The Future of Digital Standards Setting

Regional competition or global harmonisation?


  • Anu Bradford, Professor of Law and International Organization, Columbia University
  • Karen Kornbluh, Distinguished Fellow for Technology and Competitiveness, German Marshall Fund


WTO: Between Fragmentation and Globalisation

Recorded live from the WTO Public Forum 2023



Sanctions and Screening

Trade, conflict and interdependence


  • Nicholas Mulder, Assistant Professor of History, Cornell University
  • Emily Benson, Director, Project on Trade and Technology and Senior Fellow, Scholl Chair in International Business, CSIS


Semiconductors, trade and high-tech cooperation

Economic, political and supply chain pressures


  • Martijn Rasser, Managing Director, Datenna
  • Yasuhiko Ota, Columnist and TV news commentator, Nikkei


Food Security and Global Trade

How trade policy-makers can help tackle global food insecurity


  • Emily Rees, President and CEO, CropLife International
  • Marion Jansen, Director, Trade and Agriculture Directorate (TAD), OECD


The role of ASEAN in global trade

What are the dynamics shaping Southeast Asian trade policies?


  • Lili Yan Ing, Lead Advisor (Southeast Asia Region), ERIA - the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia
  • Cyn-Young Park, Director, Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department, Asian Development Bank



A Trade Powerhouse of South America



Subsidy Wars

Is the Climate Agenda driving a wedge through Global Trade Cooperation?



What trajectory for globalisation?

The opportunities and risks of regionalisation


  • Marianne Schneider-Petsinger, Senior Research Fellow, Global Economy and Finance Programme, Chatham House
  • Simon Evenett, Professor of International Trade and Economic Development, St. Gallen University; Founder of the St. Gallen Endowment for Prosperity Through Trade
  • Lucia Tajoli, Full Professor in Political Economics, Politecnico di Milano

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