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Government and businesses: Work together in the triple transition of geopolitics, sustainability and digitalisation

15 Feb 2024 - 11:19
Bron: AI-generated via Midjourney

The Netherlands and the EU face major societal challenges which impact its international economic relations. Geopolitical rivalry, the sustainability and energy transitions, and digitalisation are impacting trade flows, investments and the earning potential of the Netherlands and Europe at large. Companies are calling with increasing urgency for the government to formulate a vision and an integrated approach to deal with these transitions. A regular and consistent dialogue with the business community about these transitions is crucial, but currently lacking. This adds to the already huge challenge of weighing the many different needs of various industries and businesses. An important starting point would be the exchange of knowledge and insights between businesses and the government regarding the green, digital and geopolitical transitions. Based on discussions and interviews with ten Dutch companies and business organisations, this paper offers guiding recommendations how to shape that strategic discussion and to develop a trusted space for conversation between government and businesses. This could lay the foundation for better-informed innovation policy, trade promotion and financing instruments that are suited to our current needs. 

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