Diplomatic Development for South American Mid-careers
27 Feb 2024 - 11:13
Bron: Clingendael Academy South America / Clingendael

In February, Clingendael Academy concluded a comprehensive two-week training programme for mid-career diplomats from South America’, with 17 participants immersing themselves in a diverse array of content and skills sessions. The course, structured to enhance both knowledge and practical abilities, featured visits to key organisations such as the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the International Court of Justice, and Deltares.

The first week delved into crucial aspects of the international order, multilateralism, and diplomatic skills, covering topics like artificial intelligence, feminist foreign policy, and cyber diplomacy. The second week spotlighted climate and sustainability, with a focus on climate change governance and economic diplomacy. Renowned experts led these sessions, offering invaluable insights.

Participants particularly appreciated workshops on international negotiations and crisis communication, underscoring the programme's efficacy in addressing real-world diplomatic challenges. Moreover, they emphasised the immense value of networking with colleagues from various countries, which broadened their perspectives and encouraged innovative thinking beyond traditional boundaries.

Clingendael's longstanding collaboration with the region since 2015 underscores its commitment to fostering diplomatic excellence and cooperation on the global stage.