Successful training for Dutch public health civil servants on EU affairs
27 Feb 2024 - 12:59

What will be the impact of the upcoming EU elections on the public health domain? How are recent national elections shifting the coalitions between EU Member States? These are the types of questions that 12 participants from the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports grappled with during their EU training ‘Insight into Europe’During the course, the participants deepened their knowledge on the functioning of the European Union, strengthened their negotiation skills, learned to navigate through the Brussels ‘maze’, and how to keep up with all the new EU developments.

During four days of training, the participants explored the EU’s legislative cycle and discussed various pieces of EU public health legislation. Participants took part in a trilateral roleplay and an EU simulation, putting their knowledge into practice and negotiating a deal in the Council of Ministers. During the last two days, various EU experts engaged with the group on the role of the European Parliament, lobbying in the EU, and the future of EU public health policy. To complete the training, the participants produced their own concrete advocacy plans. With these plans, the participants are ready to effectively cooperate and pursue Dutch interests in Brussels.

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