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Strategic Autonomy and the European Defence Fund

29 Nov 2017 - 13:03
Bron: Kiefer / Flickr

In this new report by the Ares Group, four authors develop their opinion taking account of different angles of the subject of the European Defence Fund (EDF). The EDF is currently being discussed by the European Council and the European Parliament will soon publish its report on the proposal of regulation on the European Defence Industrial Development Programme, the capability window of the EDF. One of the major issues is to define the potential role of the European Defence Fund in order to develop a European strategic autonomy.

Vincenzo Camporini, former Italian Chief of staff and Vice-president of Istituto Affari internazionali (IAI) gives a military point of view. Keith Hartley, from the university of York, gives an economist point of view. Clingendael's security expert Dick Zandee and Jean-Pierre Maulny from IRIS give another point of view which is coming from the think tanks perspective.