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Of flour, yeast and water - A recipe for (Syrian) conflict data

30 Jan 2018 - 13:48
Bron: Colinpeth - Wikimedia Commons

Reliable data is essential for conflict analysis but as other reports in this series have shown – bias plague the collection and analysis of information. Therefore, a strategy to address and mitigate conflict bias is timely and necessary. What more relevant conflict to do this for than Syria? It is the most violent and complex conflict in decades characterised by extensive coverage of an unclear nature.

This report, therefore, provides a proof of concept on how to create a highly reliable database on Syria. It uses information from a large set of local Syrian NGOs and known conflict sources to locate and compare bias. Subsequently, it provides a practical and evidence-based framework on how to create reliable data on Syria. Hence, the report produces a recipe for reliable conflict data outlining what ingredients and how many of them should be used.