Conflict and Fragility

Night of Conflict
15 Dec - 16 Dec 2018

Powerplay & Underdogs: one year of the Netherlands in the UN Security Council

The Netherlands held a seat in the UN Security Council in 2018 for one year. At the highest level we talked about war, peace and international security. How did we do? And what were the most important issues on the world stage? Find out during the Night of the Conflict, organised by Humanity House, National Theater and the Clingendael Institute.

During this festival we dived into the complex world of conflictmanagement and international security. High officials and diplomats, but also biologists, philosophers, theater makers, soldiers and people from conflict countries shed their light how to work on peace & security.

For example, Sigrid Kaag, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, discussed what the UN Security Council and the Netherlands can do in preventing conflicts, Victor Ochen from the African Youth Initiative Network shared his personal story and biologist Frans de Waal let you think about the peace-loving and violent urges of people.

Participants could also speed-date or take a seat at the bar with the speakers. Art, experiment and  theater from, among others, the National Theater, embellished the event.

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