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China and the EU in the Horn of Africa

09 Apr 2018 - 16:56
Bron: NASA-Wikipedia
China and the EU in the Horn of Africa: competition and cooperation?

The Horn of Africa is one of the most geo-strategically important regions of the world, and one of the main theatres in which the Sino-African four-pronged approach – based on economic, ideological, political and security interests – unfolds.

This Policy Brief unpacks the dynamics of Chinese engagement with the Horn of Africa, with Ethiopia as a case study. The brief maintains the view that although European Union (EU) and Chinese activities in the Horn of Africa often differ in ideological and political interests, there is significant complementarity in economic and security interests.

It also suggests that by making a balanced assessment of China’s activities in the region, and by understanding where the two agendas diverge and where they are complementary, the EU could work with China to strengthen stability in the region. Authors Anca-Elena Ursu and Willem van den Berg conclude with three recommendations for EU policy makers and private sector actors who seek further engagement with the Horn:

  • Make accurate and balanced assessments;
  • Seize complementarity;
  • Play to the EU's strengths.