Remco van de Pas

Senior Research Associate


  • Sustainability
  • Health

Expertise: global governance and global health, labor migration, global public goods, health security, human rights and democracy, EU foreign policy, World Health Organization.  

Remco van de Pas is a medical doctor and a public health scholar. He has worked during the last years as health policy adviser for Wemos, a public health foundation advocating for global health equity and human rights. He had a research assignment at NCDO, the Dutch expertise centre for citizenship and international cooperation. This resulted in a publication on global health challenges, its governance and relevance for Dutch foreign policy.

Since 2014 Remco has joined the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp for a research position in health policies, analysing the different global health paradigms in international relations. He has specialised on health workforce development, social protection and health in fragile states. He teaches at universities and international courses on health systems, (global) health governance, policy coherence, health diplomacy and the political-economy of global health. 

Remco practiced in mental health services for refugees and migrants in Rotterdam. He worked several years as medical coordinator for the NGO Médecins du Monde, of which the largest part in West-Papua, Indonesia.  

Remco van de Pas also regularly posts blogs on the website:


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