Security and Defence


European defence: from strategy to delivery

12 May 2016 - 16:02
Bron: Archangel12 / Flickr

The new Global Strategy should provide the overall direction for the European Union’s foreign and security policy in a world of multiple and complex challenges and threats. A stronger Common Security and Defence Policy is indispensable for a secure Europe and necessary to underpin the EU’s role as a security provider.

However, without credible armed forces the EU will remain a paper tiger. A CSDP White Book has to translate the Global Strategy into CSDP ambition levels, military objectives and capability needs. It should also define a new process as to how to deliver these. Voluntarism and free riding has to be replaced by political peer pressure, assessment and the accountability of the member states’ efforts to improve required capabilities for solving Europe’s shortfalls. All financial incentives should be used, including those offered by the Union budget to support the development of dual-use capacities in areas like communications, intelligence, reconnaissance and protection. 

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