Our experience

For many years now, Clingendael Academy training programmes have helped support security-sector development in countries around the world. In the past, such programmes have included assisting:

  • the Lebanese Armed Forces leadership in building their own proper CIMIC (civil-military cooperation) capacity;
  • the Afghan government in strategic policy planning, and the ECOWAS Early Warning Directorate with a scenario workshop focussed on advancing early warning mechanisms within their organisation;
  • We also support the Ethiopian Foreign Relations Strategic Studies Institute (EFRSSI) and have worked with Lemhannas, the Indonesian central training institute for senior government and military officials.

As military staff rise in rank, their work becomes more international, with possible assignments including NATO or embassy postings where they function as military attaché. Demanding a different set of skills, one much closer to that of diplomats, ambitious police officers are equally susceptible to such radical changes in job description.

Clingendael Academy has for many years trained Dutch police and senior military officers in understanding geopolitical developments, and effective multinational cooperation skills.