Our unique training method

Our support to peace initiatives is interactive, practical and confidential. We develop our own simulations tailored to the specific needs of the participants that respond to different phases of the negotiation or mediation process. Through the simulations participants both strengthen their knowledge and competences.

designing simulations

We work with relevant case studies and specific thematic exercises in the following categories:

  • Negotiating peace
  • Mediating conflict
  • Inclusivity
  • Crisis management
  • Trust building and trust repair
  • Cease fire negotiations
  • Dealing with the media
  • Backchannel negotiations
  • Process design
  • Risk management
  • Deadlock breaking mechanism
  • Intercultural communication in mediation
  • Building an effective support system
  • Constitutional negotiations

We work with an extensive network of experts and constantly develop innovative training materials to remain relevant to the context of the groups we train. Our Academy training methodology integrates a process-based approach and behavioural analysis with an emphasis on the political context. By focusing on skills and relating them to the specific context of the participants, our methodology is tried, tested and adjusted to the latest developments throughout years of practice.

Testimonials by our alumni

"It was such an enormous pleasure to spend this fruitful week under your experienced coaching. The course was very useful and I am already implementing the techniques and knowledge in my work."

- Anastasia Dieieva, Deputy Minister of Interior of Ukraine

"I used your training for informal negotiations to get people released from the security forces. I got nine people out."

- participant from conflict group