Giorgio Ferrari

Learning Officer Knowledge Platform for Security and Rule of Law


  • Conflict and Fragility
  • Security and Justice

Giorgio joined Clingendael's Knowledge Platform for Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL) as a learning officer in May 2021. By 'learning' we mean processes of acquiring solid knowledge, relevant skills and the right attitude for public and private organisations to be better at their policymaking and implementation functions, and fairer in responding to demands from their constituent communities. In this position, Giorgio leads the process of learning inside KPSRL and supports processes of organisational learning taking place in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its embassies and its implementing partners.

Prior to joining the platform, Giorgio spent four years as an evaluator of public programmes in the field of sustainable development in the fields of good governance, access to justice, humanitarian action, sustainable economic development and trade, advocacy and climate change action. As an evaluator, his role was to provide honest feedback on the successes and failures of organisations to meet their functions and the needs of their communities. Before that, Giorgio worked as a business analist for a company focused on climate resilience and climate mitigation programmes in development countries.

Aside from this, Giorgio volunteered for a Dutch political party as a social equality co-lead and member of a governance task force, and now volunteers with a community-based artistic organisation connecting artistic practice to social well-being and the role of citizens in it.

Giorgio had a lawyer’s training and solid foundations in political and economic sciences. He holds an MSC from the London School of Economics in International Development and Humanitarian Affairs, a master’s degree in diplomacy from the University of Bologna, and an LLM from the University of Milan (Statale).

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