Maarten Smeets

Senior Visiting Fellow


Expertise: International trade theory and practice; The WTO Multilateral Trading System, WTO agreements and institutional issues; Trade negotiations and simulations; Trade and development issues; Theory and practice of economic sanctions.

Maarten Smeets is Senior Visiting Fellow at Clingendael Institute. At Clingendael he delivers training and simulations in international trade issues and advises on economic policies.

As an international trade economist, he heads the Technical Assistance Coordination, Partnerships and Internship Programmes Section at the Institute for Training and Technical Co-operation (ITTC) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva. He is responsible for designing WTO's trade capacity building programmes and coordinating their implementation. He manages WTO's main Intern Training Programmes, bringing some 40 high level government officials to the WTO in Geneva, every year.

Prior to the WTO, he worked at the Trade Directorate of the OECD (Paris), undertaking trade related studies, and analysing trends in international trade. He started his career at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, at the Directorate General for Foreign Economic Relations, advising management on trade issues, preparing policy positions and attending EU and WTO meetings.

Maarten graduated from Tilburg University (Nl) with a Master’s in International trade, finance and banking and was awarded a postgraduate degree from the Graduate Institute for International Studies in Geneva (CH).

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