Sarah Lokenberg

Junior Research Fellow


  • Europe in the World
  • Climate Change

Sarah Lokenberg is a Junior Research Fellow at the Planetary Security Initiative and the EU & Global Affairs Unit of the Clingendael Institute. Her research revolves around climate-security and energy security. Core interests underpinning her work are the geopolitics of the energy transition and the security implications of climate change. In addition to her focus on climate- and energy security, Sarah also has an interest in armed non-state actors, rebel governance and legitimacy, geographically focusing on Sub-Sahara Africa and the Middle East.

Sarah holds an MA in International Relations: Global Conflict in the Modern Era (Cum Laude) from Leiden University and a BSc in Psychology with a major in Social Psychology from Utrecht University. Prior to joining the Clingendael Institute, she worked at the West Wing Think Tank, a youth think tank of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.