In about a hundred words on the 2023 EU-China Summit

06 Dec 2023 - 12:28

The EU-China Summit is set to begin this week and is sure to generate reverberations across multiple policy strata. GLOBSEC asks experts to give us their take in about a hundred words on. Ahead of the EU-China Summit, what do you consider success?

Ingrid D'Hooghe, Senior Research Fellow and Coordinator at Clingendael's China Centre, was invited by GLOBSEC to write 100 words.

Expectations of the upcoming EU-China Summit of December 7 are low, and in view of the many trade and political disagreements between the two sides, understandably so. However, geopolitical tensions and risks of regional wars, necessitate real efforts to find agreements. On issues such as Russia’s war against Ukraine that may be out of reach, but steps towards ensuring a more balanced trade relationship, new collaboration projects on climate change and planetary health, reassurances that Chinese companies do not circumvent sanctions on Russia, and efforts to stabilize the conflict in Gaza should be achievable. Just talking is not good enough. If the EU and China are serious about building constructive relations, they should agree on taking at least a few first steps.

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