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New PINPoints #44

14 Jun 2017 - 14:59

The world today is faced with many obstinate negotiation challenges: Syria, Cyprus, Palestine, North Korea, South Sudan, Russia, not to speak of negotiations over Brexit, NAFTA as well as possible NATO cost-sharing negotiations. While these negotiation processes differ in their approach, strategy and objective, as well as take place within widely differing contexts, all have lessons for negotiation.

This 44th edition of PINPoints reflects upon various current and near future negotiation challenges in order to extract lessons for negotiation. It also points towards strategic approaches that can be taken to better tackle future negotiations. This edition starts with a reflection on potential negotiations in the upcoming year and on negotiation and mediation efforts and challenges in Cyprus, West-Africa, the Middle-East, and Eurasia. In addition, this edition of the PINpoints looks into Russia as an actor in conflict mediation.

Analyzing and improving the practice of negotiation is important for explaining and achieving outcomes out of negotiation processes. For this reason the PIN program, a non-profit group of scholars and practitioners, encourages and organizes research on a broad spectrum of topics related to international negotiation processes. By disseminating new knowledge about negotiation as widely as possible, it contributes to improving negotiation analysis and practices worldwide.