Conflict and Fragility


Policy for fragile settings

20 Mar 2017 - 11:31
Source: Flickr

Converging trends & contentious themes. 

A wealth of policies has emerged over the past decade deepening our understanding of the link between socio-economic development and fragility. The chapter 'International policies in the field of socio-economic development in fragile settings' in this book sees some rapprochement from distinct policy ends. There is growing recognition of the political dimension of socio-economic development and of the economic prerequisites for lasting peace, yet the chapter also finds that differences remain.

To the backdrop of these trends, the chapter discusses two key issues that are likely to remain high on the policy agenda: livelihoods (versus jobs) and institutions (versus elite pacts). A better understanding of distinct approaches can help forge alliances that are better equipped to address the complex challenges fragile societies face today.