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The Rise of Africa

15 Sep 2014 - 13:52
Source: Creative Commons

The African continent attracts renewed global interest. Seven of the ten fastest growing economies in the world can be found in Africa. A recent survey by Ernst & Young revealed that Africa has become the second-most attractive investment destination in the world, up from the third-from-last position in 2011. Rapid urbanization, a young population and abundant natural resources are some of Africa’s assets. Still the continent also faces development challenges such as conflicts, poverty and diseases like the current Ebola crisis.

Seminar for Chinese diplomats

‘The Rise of Africa’ is the theme of this year’s seminar, organised for diplomats from the People’s Republic of China. In an intensive one-week programme, taking place at the Clingendael Institute from 15 till 19 September, they discuss a variety of topics with academic experts, policy makers and other professionals in the field; economic trends, peace and stability as well as development cooperation, all related to Africa, are among the issues discussed. A full day visit to the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also part of the programme, to exchange views on the Netherlands’ Africa policies and other relevant themes. Furthermore, the Chinese delegation will visit some EU institutions in Brussels to gain more insight into the EU’s relations with Africa.

Sustainable business in Africa

Perspectives will also be shared with NGO’s and companies on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and doing sustainable business in Africa. Business has a key role to play in Africa’s development. Foreign direct investments far outstrip development aid in many countries, particularly in those with natural-resource based economic opportunities.

Over the years, a range of CSR-standards has been developed by businesses, governments and NGO’s together, in order to ensure a common standard of practice. Some of these are particularly relevant to commercial operations in Africa, in relation to natural resources; for example the UN Global Compact, the Kimberly Process and the Forest Stewardship Council Principles. In a panel discussion, Chinese and western models and conceptions of CSR will be explored and discussed.

The rise of Africa seminar

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