Standalone courses on Economic and Sustainable Development

Clingendael Academy provides in-depth, standalone courses on economic and sustainable development.

We offer:

  • insights in international political and policy processes regarding economic and sustainable development
  • tools to influence international economic and sustainability processes.

We design entire training programmes on the topic of either economic development, sustainable development or both.

Programmes Economic Development

Our training programmes on economic diplomacy and trade promotion can focus on the two-track process of trade promotion:

  • Attracting Foreign Direct Investment (inward track)
  • Export promotion (outward track)

Practical workshops help our participants in identifying their key economic sectors, priority countries, promising trade partners and their own unique country brand.

Programmes Sustainability

Each training is tailored by incorporating the economic, environmental and social dimensions. Our training programmes on sustainable development focus on four building blocks:

  1. Tackling indirect underlying causes and long term consequences;
  2. Dealing with long term and evidence based decision making;
  3. Influencing multiple actors, and;
  4. Influencing the institutional complexity of interrelated sustainability issues.

Both programmes can be combined, depending on the objectives of ministries, international  or regional organizations, civil society or companies. Training programmes can range from a few days to a full two-week programme, upon your request.