Negotiation & mediation in conflict resolution

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Negotiation & mediation in conflict resolution

Together with UNDP, Clingendael Academy provides training for ‘Insider Mediators’ at Clingendael, and also on location. Why focus specifically on Insider Mediators?

Insider Mediators are people who live in the area and have standing/ reputation with the parties on the basis of their position in the communities. Insider mediators know the culture, know the causes and roots of the conflicts and are present to react quickly if necessary. They form a local network to prevent conflict and to bring opposing factions together.

That is an important difference with mediation from outside the local communities and even more so with international mediation. Many countries want to be in the forefront and offer qualified mediators to prevent or stop violent conflicts. It is, however, becoming increasingly clear that mediating in someone else’s conflict in a different cultural environment, might not lead to sustainable peace. The most important reason is that the truly hard work of an agreement starts with implementation. And that is when an international mediator is no longer around.

Despite the obvious benefits of working with insider mediators, they do lack the training and resources to live up to their full potential. That is the gap that we try to fill.

Together with the UNDP we have set up training for this specific group of mediators that comes with their own training needs, wishes, and challenges. In a two-week programme in The Hague, Clingendael Academy brings together mediators from around the world to learn from one another and to exchange experiences. In addition we conduct training missions on location, for example in the Philippines supporting Bangsamoro mediators to ease tensions between different factions while in a larger peace process with the government.

All training courses take place in support of the larger project of UNDP to support and promote insider mediation.

Mansoor Limba
Mansoor Limba
PhD in International Relations, writer, educator, blogger, and translator
Clingendael is unique for its multifunctional character of regularly conducting a host of integrated training, research, and educational consultative activities under a single roof.
The classroom training sessions were ideally interspersed with an educational visit to the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) at the Peace Palace in The Hague and to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.