Economic and sustainable development

Training Water Management in the MENA region
Source: Clingendael Academy
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Economic and sustainable development
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Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan are beset by a variety of different challenges in the field of water. These include desertification, desalination, rainwater reclamation, purification, and water governance. By pooling together the region’s resources and expertise in the field of water, connecting it to the Dutch water sector, and by working together, these challenges can be met and overcome in a sustainable and effective manner.

This training made ample use of the Clingendael Training Method by combining skills with knowledge, and tailoring these elements to the working practice of the participants.

For example:

  • A training in individual presentation skills was combined with a team exercise about the main water challenges of the participating countries;
  • Diverse thematic lectures provided by UNESCO-IHE and WaterFocus allowed participants to connect and exchange insights with Dutch experts on water management policies;
  • During working visits to polders and sluices in Flevoland, the Dutch National Water Authority, and Urk, the participants got to see Dutch approaches to water management in practice.

With the help of Clingendael training exercises, we challenge the group to think beyond their key learning. We support them to think in the application of their acquired skills, insights, and connections to accomplish both short-and long term goals. All the while they receive feedback and recommendations from experts, and most importantly, from their colleagues. By conducting this kind of exercise, we always make sure that diplomats apply obtained insights and skills after the course.

The training project is provided by Clingendael Academy, UNESCO-IHE and WaterFocus -financed by the Dutch MFA as part of the Shiraka Training Programme.