Strategic Foresight

Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum
25 May 2017 08:00
Source: Wikimedia Commons

This is a public event. More information on the Forum, conference programme and registration can be found here.

The Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum© aims at highlighting cross‐border cooperation, enhancing bilateral and multilateral relations, strengthening business opportunities and promoting economic growth and sustainable development among the states of the Balkans and Black Sea region. At the cross section of public & business sectors, the Forum stands as a think-tank to outline the current situation, quote political indicators, navigate to growth and cooperation and monitor perspectives and SDGs towards 2030.

Rotating annually in a different country of the region, the Forum is addressed to Senior Officials from the EU, the Balkans and the Black Sea Bodies & Institutions, International Organizations, Public Officials, Diplomats, Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Academia, whilst providing a Business HUB and a Cultural Zone to promote the cultural heritage of two honorary countries.

The Balkans & the Black Sea region holds major importance for the S/E European stability and development. Strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Middle East and Central Asia, this region is part of a critical eco-system which requires multilevel approach for gaining mutual understanding and cross-border cooperation.

The Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum© bringing forward the latest updates of best practices, business models, creative tools and fresh ideas, enhancing its stakeholders with all possible areas of sustainable stability, growth and cooperation.

The Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum© focuses on:

  • Highlight cross-border cooperation
  • Enhance bilateral and multilateral relations
  • Strengthen and generate economic and business growth
  • Facilitate mutual understanding and sustainable development among the Balkan and the Black Sea Region.

In session VI Clingendael's Senior Research Fellow Frans-Paul van der Putten will contribute with an address on China's One Belt, One Road initiative within the topic of maritime, infrastructure, means of transportation and hubs in the trans-European network.