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Europe's Digital Future: Perspectives from Northern Europe
26 Jul 2021 13:00 - 14:10
Source: IIEA

This event is organised by The Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) for the launch of a new publication 'Europe's Digital Future: Perspectives from Northern Europe'. Brigitte Dekker will present the findings of her research from the perspective of The Netherlands.

The concept of ‘digital sovereignty’ has emerged as a prominent new theme in European digital policy, and is one which may have important implications for the future of European digital policy as well as for many EU Member States. This launch event marks the publication of the report “Europe’s Digital Future: Perspectives from Northern Europe”. This is the first joint report published by a new network of think tanks, convened by the IIEA, as part of the Europe’s Digital Future project. This network consists of think tanks from across northern Europe’s small, open economies which have acted as Europe’s digital ‘frontrunners.’ This event will explore the perspectives on digital sovereignty from Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, the Netherland and Sweden, with each panelist presenting the findings of their research from their respective Member State.

This is the fifth event in an IIEA project entitled Europe’s Digital Future, which is exploring the topic of ‘digital sovereignty’ in Europe. As part of this project, which is supported by Google, a year-long programme of events and research is exploring what this concept means, and what future it might herald for the EU and for small, open economies like Ireland. The views expressed in this event, and in the associated publication, are those of the authors alone.


This event will consist of an expert panel, with each speaker presenting the findings of their research from their respective Member State. This event will be introduced and moderated by Prof. Joyce O’ Connor, Chair of the IIEA Digital Group. Speakers on this panel will be:

  • Jan Høst Schmidt, Senior Adviser, Think Tank Europa, Denmark.
  • Dr Adrian Venables, Senior Researcher, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
  • Seamus Allen, Digital Researcher, IIEA, Ireland
  • Brigitte Dekker, Researcher, the Clingendael Institute, Netherlands
  • Gunnar Hökmark, Chairperson, Stockholm Free World Forum, Sweden