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Junior Researcher


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Brigitte Dekker is a Junior Researcher with Clingendael´s EU & Global Affairs Unit since January 2019. Her work primarily revolves around EU cooperation, both internal and external, as reflected in her Master thesis about the challenges of the rule of law in Central European Member States. Moreover, she is interested in and focusing on EU-Asia relations, specifically Southeast Asia and China. 
Brigitte holds a BA in Political Science and an MA in International Relations from the Radboud University of Nijmegen. Prior to becoming a Research Assistant, Brigitte worked for the Medicines Evaluation Board (Agency of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports) as Junior Communication Advisor and was a research intern for the Clingendael Institute.

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Europe in the World

Europe’s Next Move and the US-China Standoff

07 October 2019 - 17:53
Europe in the World

The multilateral system under stress: Europe’s path forward

28 August 2019 - 15:14
Trade and Globalisation

The US–China trade–tech stand-off

12 August 2019 - 14:29
Europe and the EU

Perceptions of Dutch interest promotion inside the EU

17 April 2019 - 10:00
Europe in the World

Connectivity between Asia and Europe

16 October 2018 - 14:17


Europe and the EU

Brexit: close to the finish line or a kick in the long grass?

22 March 2019 - 15:30