Webinar #3 Dealing with China on high-tech issues
23 Mar 2021 13:30 - 14:45
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This webinar is the third of our series 'Dealing with China on high-tech issues'.

#3 Towards a democratic technology alliance?

Democratic tech alliance, or a summit of democracies?

Countering digital authoritarianism requires close cooperation between Europe and its partners and allies. Should the ultimate aim be a democratic tech alliance – or a summit of democracies, in President Biden’s terms? Then first, the US and Europe need to invest in a renewed partnership that is built on shared political values, to guide such a common approach. How can we overcome differences on approaches, norms and standards – including the business-centric and human-centrered approach?


Welcome and scene-setting

  • Brigitte Dekker, moderator (the Clingendael Institute)
  • Yvette van Eechoud (Western Hemisphere Department, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Dealing with China in the Transatlantic context: new initiatives?​​​​​​​

  • Anika Sina Laudien (Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany)
  • Martijn Rasser (Center for a New American Security - CNAS, US)
  • Rudra Chaudhuri (Carnegie India)

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Look back

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