Europe’s place in the world
17 Jun 2016 10:00
Source: Niccolò Caranti /

The Clingendael Institute and Pew Research Center are pleased to invite you to the presentation of a new Pew Research Center report focusing on Europe’s place in the world. Based on a 10-country survey, the report examines European public opinion on key foreign-policy issues, and compares European and American views on these topics.

Topics include views of international organizations, such as the UN and NATO, whether nations should focus more on other countries’ problems or their own, whether it is important to support allies’ interests in international affairs and whether the US, the EU and each EU member state should play a larger or smaller role in world affairs. It will also gauge the degree to which Asia, Europe or the US is more important for future foreign policy.

The report also probes attitudes towards increasing or decreasing defense spending. It looks at economic and humanitarian questions, such as increasing foreign aid and direct foreign investment, and whether human rights should be an important foreign-policy goal. Finally, it examines various threats that each country faces in 2016, including climate change, ISIS and refugees, and includes a question about the efficacy of using force to defeat terrorism worldwide.

The poll was conducted in spring 2016 and mirrors a comparative survey in the United States conducted in April 2016. The European countries surveyed are: France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

The presentation will be given by James Bell, Vice President for Global Strategy of the Pew Research Center. Pew Research Center is a Washington DC-based fact tank that conducts public opinion polling, demographic research and other data-driven social science research on issues and trends shaping America and the world. The event will be chaired by Louise van Schaik, Senior Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute. After the presentation, she will give a reaction to the findings of the report.

The event takes place on the 17th of June between 10.00 and 11.30 A.M. If you wish to attend, you are kindly requested to register through reply email to Mrs. Christine Bakker.